Meddlers of Honour

The singles event, that doesn’t like to be called a singles event

Meddlers Of Honour have been putting on parties for single people since April 2008, and since the launch every single party has been sold out with many people fighting to get on the waiting list. Meddlers events are for single people, but we don’t like to be called a singles event. Technically, of course it is a singles event but at a Meddlers party there is no speed dating, speed hating or date card rating. Just a guaranteed equal ratio of single males to single females in one room….you do the maths.

Covered by publications such as Look Magazine, Grazia, The London Paper, Company, Celebs on Sunday, Nuts, Glamour, Daily Mail, Time Out, French Grazia to name just a few. Its no wonder Meddlers has been described as “the new dating craze”.